UBAKA HILL, master drum teacher and performer of percussion, poetry and songs. Ubaka teaches the art and spirit of drumming that explores playing technique, musical drumming, drumming for personal development, sound healing concepts and application.

Ubaka performs and teaches hand drumming at various conferences, music festivals, health and healing retreats, drum camps, schools and college campuses. She is the founder and musical director of her performance ensembles "Rhythm Dance", the ShapeShifters and the Drumsong Orchestra. Ubaka has recorded 3 CD's with original music of world drum and percussion arrangements with vocals and poetry.

Workshops and Performances have been presented at the Omega Institute, Kripalu Center for Yoga, NY Open Center, Dance Flurry, Institute for the Musical Arts, Ontario Women's Drum Camp, Mid West Women's Herbal Conference, Women of Power Conference, Women of Wisdom, Michfest, Hudson River Clearwater, Kingston Boys & Girls Club, Born To Drum Camp, Rhythm Rave.

Ubaka's inspiration and influences come from her own life, world events and from Dr. Mya Angelou, Wangari Mathaai, Oprah Winfrey, Layne Redmond, Edwina Lee Tyler, Baba Olatunji, Alessandra Belloni, Carolyn Brandy, Helen Bond, Kay Gardner, Harriet Tubman, Daoud-David Williams. Continue Reading



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* Albany , NY - Sat. Oct. 5th, 1- 4pm * Center for Natural Wellness - "MUSIC OF THE DRUM " workshop for women and men * registration: jen_castellani@gmail.com

* Rosendale, NY- Sat. Oct. 25th, 8pm * Rosendale Cafe - "RHYTHMDANCE " Evening performance with Ubaka Hill featuring Aleah Long - Vocals / Percussion , Melissa Lovoglio - Drums / Percussion, Julia Haines - Celtic Harp / Vocals * www.rosendalecafe.com

* Mt Kisco, NY - Sat. Nov. 15th , 2 - 6pm * The Center For Health and Healing * "Rhythm and Resonance for Transformation" workshop for women and men * registration: www.thecenterforhealthandhealing.net


Ubaka's concerts and workshops are engaging, uplifting, fun, energizing and expansive

2014 Workshops & Concerts
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Traditions in the Making
Visionary Inspiration and Leadership

UBAKA is a motivational visionary, stepping into leadership roles to help empower and improve the quality of life where it is needed the most. She is an Advisory Council member of the Women's Leadership Center at the Omega Institute.

Ubaka is the visionary founder and organizer of :

* The Million Women Drummers Global Initiative (MWDG) : A volunteer organization of local drummers, instrument makers, musicians, environmentalists, earth stewards and educators for a sustainable future of Tress and the Drums and other wooden musical instruments made from them. 2010 - Present (Visit Web Site)

* The Drumsong Institute of Women's Drumming Traditions: The first known museum and archive collection of drums, percussive instruments, books, cds, videos, dvds, vinal albums, note cards, art, jewelry and more. The collection began with Ubaka's personal collection and expanded with donated items from various people. 1990 - Present

* The DrumMa Award: A hand crafted iron statuette presented to women drummers who are leaders and pioneers. The DrumMa Award has been presented to 6 women since 2007. (Learn More)

* The Drumsong Orchestra: A drum and percussion community of hand drummers who take Ubaka's Art & Spirit of Drumming workshops and intensives. Participants perform songs learned with Ubaka during her performance. 1995 - Present

* Good News Sunday: An on-going feature of individual's positive news posted to Facebook every Sunday for the general community. 2009 - Present

* Women Drums & Percussion Survey: A on-line survey of women drummers created by Ubaka Hill for research & documenation . 2008-Present (Take Survey)

Ubaka is a dynamic inspirational public speaker available for interviews, panels and roundtable discussions. Write to: ubakahillmusic@aol.com to inquire about inviting Ubaka to your next conference, radio, TV/ cable show or seminar.



* Music Video of original music "She Who Rises "

* New Music CD. Last CD recorded in 2007.

* Cable TV Series " Traditions In the Making" - Women and Percussion.

* DVD Photo Catalogue of Drumsong Institute Museum Collection.

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