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Ubaka's Latest CD!

"Beyond The Wind"

with TheShapeShifters and the National Drumsong Orchestra

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"Dance The Spiral Dance"


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Let Me Know You Came By  

~ Music That Moves You ~

Laurie Fuchs, Ladyslipper Records

"Ubaka and her collaborators have simply outdone themselves on this 2006 release!   'Beyond the Wind' is a marvelous collaboration of women whose rhythm and song will move you to new understandings of yourself and the world. Listeners will be deeply satisfied by the usual myriad of percussion presented here, while fans and students of Ubaka's will note a new, rich layer of musicality in this, her 3rd recording." 

Vicki Noble, Motherpeace and author of The Double Goddess: Women Sharing Power

Ubaka Hill is one of the most cherished musical healers among us in these challenging times, so aren’t we lucky to have a new CD with her original songs and rhythms! Ubaka’s songs are an extension of her huge heart, so whether you are listening in the privacy of your car on the way to work, having a block party with your neighbors, or gathering a circle of singing and drumming priestesses to facilitate a sacred ceremony, this is the music of choice. She has broken the sound barrier ...Brava!” --  Vicki Noble is a feminist healer, writer, artist and teacher, co-creator of Motherpeace and author of The Double Goddess: Women Sharing Power.

Keith M. - Kripalu

"Your stories remind me to be grateful for that starting line and where I am now, but to not forget or discredit where I was. I truly want to thank you for the reminder". 

M J Cavanagh - Kripalu

" Truly my weekend with you is one of the most fun and transforming things I have done in my life"

El  - Lenox, Ma

"My 15 year old daughter and I listened to your new CD together in the car. I noticed that she was crying and my noticing led to a conversation about how deeply we both yearn to be in "tribe." Deeper than community. To go beneath the words and identifications with stuff, the addictions and fears, etc. To the ground of the self. Your music brought it into the light." 

A. Holder -Tucson, AZ

"Thank you so much for your recent visit to Tucson! The performance at Anjali was amazing as usual! I enjoyed your spirit and energy so much !!!" 

Elizabeth  - Woodstock, NY

"You always re-energize me, help me stay focused on my  path, and give me stuff to think about on my own drum journey. Your words of wisdom about the drum and healing/change and the way you use words to get people thinking.....it is so inspiring and powerful,  I love the way you think. You had a huge impact on my students .....especially the guys....they are very impressed and touched, want to see you again for sure. Namaste"  

K. Smith - London Ontario

" Dear Ubaka - thank you so much. You helped me get back on my path - my purpose and my mission."   

P. Zicca - Omega Institute

"My 10 year old daughter and I were in attendance at your concert last night. I just had to e-mail you to tell you that on the 1 hour journey home in the car she kept replaying "She Who Rises".