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Ubaka Hill

Beyond The Wind

1. Ear To The Ground
2. Beyond The Edge
3. She Who Rises
4. Sistory II
5. Ride The Wind
6. Sistory II Be
7. Fire In The Mountain
8. Dream Shift
9. She's Been Waiting
10. Can't Hold Back The Dawning

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The ShapeShifters
Ubaka Hill: Lead Vocals, Ube, Gyil,
Didgeridoo, Udu, Sticks, Bells, Dundun
Kinkini/Bell, Batajon, Cajon, Gong,
Windwand, Puilis, Cabasa, Caxixi, Gourd
Caru Thompson: Shekere, Vocals
Judy Piazza: Riq, Tar, Bodhran, Kanjira, Log Drum, Bendir
Tammi Hessen: Djembe, Steel Drum, Dundun/Bell
Melinda Alcosser: Congas
Leaf Miller: Berimbau, Cajun Rub Board,Guido, Surdo, Kpanlogo Drum
Randy Crafton: Dumbeck, Kanjira, Kit
Valerie Naranjo: Djembe
Mosa Baczewska: Vocals, Rhodes
Suhir Blackeagle: Vocals
Aleah Long: Vocals
Xtine Baczewska: Vocals
Julia Haines: Celtic Harp, Accordion
Marcy Francis: Electric Bass, Shekere
Amy Crafton: Clarinet (with twins Julia
and Avery in womb 8 days before birth)

The National Drumsong Orchestra

37 Women drummers & percussionist


1995 Ladyslipper Records

Ubaka Hill - lead vocals, djembe, udu , percussion

Caru Thompson - shekere, vocals

Anna Maria Mejia - congas, bongos, percussion

Debra Kenya McGee - djembe , vocals, xylophone

Hillary Kay - bass, vocals

Susan Rapalee - ashiko drum, conga, percussion

Kay Gardner - flute, ocareena

Kris Drumm - djembe

Imani Sistahday - djembe


 also featuring

"The ShapeShifters"  &  The Drumsong Orchestra

Ubaka Hill's Concerts & Workshops 

"Dance The Spiral Dance" ( Buy here)

"ShapeShifters" (Buy here )

1. Dance The Spiral Dance
2. Spirit Walking
3. Sistory
4. Feel the Colors 
5. The Singing In The Silence*
6. Intense Womyn Unite
7. Don't Ever Stop
8. Apple Jam 

* Drumsong Orchestra
1. Motherbeat
2. Aconcon (Brooklyn Style)
3. Night Flight
4. Changes
5. Market Place
6. Soweto
7. If The Drum Is A Woman
8. Oya's Song
9. The Women United
"Dance The Spiral Dance"
1998 Ladyslipper Records
Ubaka Hill- lead vocals, djembe, udu drum, didgeridoo, singing bowl, various percussion
Edwina Lee Tyler-djembe drum, marimba
Caru Thompson- shekere, vocals
Anna Maria Mejia- congas, sanghba, kinkini, vocals
Hillary Kay- bass, vocals
Susan Rapalee- djembe, conga, sanghba, vocals
Suhir Blackeagle- vocals
Gabrielle Schavran- cello, vocals
Masa- saxophone
The National Drumsong Orchestra- (35 women); various drums and percussion, vocals

Ubaka Hill Signature Drum

Hand crafted by Raven Tekwe

~Wing of the Heron Drums ~


Masterfully handcrafted for a full rich range of sounds.  The UBE! drum is crafted with beautiful Mahogonay wood, African goat skin, and durable nylon tuning cord.  The UBE! drum comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and  Siganutre plate.

* The Ube! Drum

is not available at this time*

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