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Drumming . Singing . Rhythm . Melody

MUSIC is a natural and authentic way of expressing thoughts, feelings and ideas that can be a private and a shared experience among diverse cultural and intergenerational communities. The transformative health and wellness benefits of drumming and group music-making we known by our indigenous relatives and has been researched and documented by universities and contemporary teachers, musicians and sound healers.

Today we can find local Community Drum Circles in many communities as well health and professional environments finding great benefit to individual mind-body wellness and positive group interaction. There are many proven and believable facts of the benefits that one encounters when drumming alone or with a group. Drumming music and singing can be used for therapeutic application, mediation, movement that can be calming and invigorating to the Mind - Body - Spirit.



(Topics Are Specific To The Focus of The Workshop)

  • Basic to Intermediate Drum Strokes for Djembe, Ashko, Conga Drums, Dunduns, Basic Frame Drum
  • Rhythm Patterns for Drums and Bell from Contemporary music to Sacred / Traditional Songs
  • Historic and Contemporary Information on Indigenous and Women's Drumming Traditions
  • Connecting and Awakening to Ones Inner Rhythm and with Earth Elements
  • Understanding Sound, Rhythm and Melody and its effect on Mental, Emotional and Physical States
  • Introduction of the Foundation of Sound Healing
  • Composing Original Drum Songs for Drum Circles / Ensemble Playing / Accompanying / Improvise / Percussion
  • How To Use Drumming in School Programs, Elder Care Programs, Team Building, Stress Reduction, Anger Management, Birth / End of Life, Sacred Ceremony, Regenerative Transformation, Community Building
  • Singing With Drumming
  • Drum Circle Facilitation / Fun and Games
  • Research, Resource Information, Sustainability and Consumer Awareness

Workshops, Seminars and Intensives

  • Adults and Young People (no experience required - all )
  • Beginner and Intermediate Levels
  • Educators, Health and Wellness Practitioners
  • Drum Circle Facilitators / Drum Teachers
  • Women's Music Studies
  • Artists / Poets / Musicians
  • General Community

Ubaka Hill's workshops are for anyone that want to learn and expereince the creative power of drumming and singing. Some workshops may require previous knowledge and skill. Workshops / Playshops for children and youth are designed to meet the age group and purpose. Workshops for Deaf and HOH are available. Workshops just for women and girls is also offered. Personal Drums and Percussion instruments are generally required to participate, some loners may be available.





Over 30 yrs of Music for Positive Change and The Art of Drumming Workshops


"Music That Moves You" - Is the music of Ubaka Hill! Ubaka performs world beat rhythms, with songs and poetry with her Signature Drum, the Ube. She sings and delivers poetry that expresses positive social change and personal expansion.

Ubaka performs like a storyteller, filled with humor, rhythmic / melodic percussive textures with resonant vocals Ubaka performs as a soloist as well as with a multi cultural women's percussion ensemble.

Ubaka's workshop participants often perform with her as the Drumsong Orchestra. Ubaka is available for Conferences, Sacred Ceremony, Festivals, Retreats, Community and Private Gatherings. "Ubaka performances are energetic and inspirational, she moves audiences of all ages"


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Songs from Ubaka Hill CDS Featuring Various Musicians


1. Dance The Spiral Dance

2. Oya's Song

3. The Women United

4. Aconcon Brooklyn

5. Changes

6. DreamShift



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Performer . Master Drum Teacher . Inspirational Speaker

"Drumming Inspires Joy. Wellness .Community"

Conferences . Festivals . Retreats . Events . Interviews





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Click links below for Information and Registration. Workshops and Concerts are open to all audiences unless noted.

  • Philadelphia, PA* Women In Psychology Conf. (3/8)
  • W. Palm Beach, FL * Black Women Rise Conf. (3/16)
  • Rowe, MA * Rowe Conference Center Retreat (4/6)
  • Kingston, NY * Juneteenth Gathering (6/16)
  • Rhinebeck, NY * Omega Institute (8/15)

Conference . Festivals . Retreats . Events







Women's Drum & Percussion Society - Hudson Valley (NY)



Visionary Artist

UBAKA HILL is an inspirational visionary artist who leads by helping to improve the quality of life through art, music performances, workshops and community initiatives. She is both a solo and ensemble performer of spoken word, world music and percussion. Ubaka is a Master Drum Teacher of hand drums and percussion instruments.

Ubaka is the visionary founder and director of various community initiatives.

* Million Women Drummers Global Initiative (MWDG): Global volunteer organization of local drummers, instrument makers, musicians, environmentalists, earth stewards and educators for a sustainable future of Tress and the Drums and other wooden musical instruments made from them. 2010 - Present

* Drumsong Institute of Women's Drumming Traditions: The first known museum and archive collection of drums, percussive instruments, books, cds, videos, dvds, vinyl albums, note cards, art, jewelry and more. The collection began with Ubaka's personal collection and expanded with donated items from various people. 1990 - Present

* DrumMa Award: A hand crafted iron statuette presented to women drummers who are leaders and pioneers. The DrumMa Award has been presented to 7 women drummers and visionaries since 2007.

* Drumsong Orchestra: A drum and percussion community of hand drummers who take Ubaka's Art & Spirit of Drumming workshops and intensives. Participants perform songs learned with Ubaka during her performance. 1995 - Present

* Women Drums & Percussion Survey: An on-line survey of women drummers created by Ubaka Hill for research & documentation . 2008-Present - Take The Survey

*Leadership: Ubaka is a member of the Advisory Council of the Women's Leadership Center at Omega, the We Want The Land Coalition, Harambee and on the Board of The African Roots Library.

Ubaka is a dynamic inspirational public speaker and is available for interviews, panels, roundtable discussions and think-tanks.

Write to: to book Ubaka for your next festival, conference, radio interview, live program or seminar, recording project and creative collaborations.

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